Construction Management

This method of contracting is one in which the “builder” is hired early in the design phase of the project. During the pre-construction phase, he will work with the owner to assist in all aspects of design development and the bidding process. The construction manager provides input to the architect and owner during the design process to give the “builders aspect” to the plans. Cost savings to the owner are usually realized during this process.
Projects can also be fast tracked with construction starting before a final set of plans is produced if a rapid build time is critical.

CDBL will work with the owner and architect before the bid date to ensure that the budget for the project is maintained. CDBL’s philosophy is that the owner/architect/CM utilize the teamwork approach to continually find methods to economize the project.

We at CDBL believe that the pre-construction services are the key element to a successful Construction Management project.

CDBL is proud of the reputation we have earned with contractors.

One of our strengths lies in the belief that a successful project hinges on the success of every contractor involved on the project. CDBL has a history of achieving quick and economic resolutions to challenges of design and construction.

With CDBL as construction manager, you are getting an efficient and organized player for your team.


Design/Build is a construction process in which an owner contracts with a single source to design the project, produce plans, and construct the building for a predetermined amount. The owner benefits by saving time, money and staying in budget at the inception of the project. This style also has the ability to fast tracked a project if the time constraints are critical.

We have the ability to handle your project from its inception.

CDBL utilizes its own design staff or outside consultants to provide the best design for your building. By being involved at the beginning of the project, we can incorporate the “builders” aspect into the plans and provide you with greater economy and better design for your building.

Choosing CDBL as you design/build contractor will provide you a better design, better economy, and rapid completion of your project.

Building Under Construction

General Contracting

General contracting is a method of construction in which the owner produces a set of plans. The owner then puts his project out for competitive bid to select firms for turn-key construction. The price is predetermined. The contractor is responsible for the construction budget and schedule.

We have an expert staff to man each job-site with the experienced personnel to ensure quality construction and on-time completion.

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